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Buy Generic Amox-clav

Amox-clav is a combination medication that consists of two medicines with generic names clauvanate potassium and amoxicillin. Both drugs are antibiotics that are classified under the group known as penicillins. They both fight certain bacteria in the body. You can buy generic Amox-clav for the treatment of several kinds of bacterial infections, like ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, skin infections, urinary tract infections, and sinusitis.

This medication should be avoided if you have a known allergic reaction to cephalosporin or any penicillin medication. Before you buy generic Amox-clav, inform your doctor about any medications you are taking along with any allergies you know about.

Amox-clav is available in different forms of tablets, like chewable, extended-release, and regular tablets. If your doctor has specifically prescribed one form of the tablet or if you have already started taking one form, you must avoid switching to another form. Amox-clav uses can extend beyond the infections mentioned previously.

Order discount Amox-clav

You can order discount Amox-clav by opting for its generic version. This form of the medication has the same dosage strength and method of administration as branded versions like Augmentin. You can buy generic Amox-clav in the following doses- Amox-clav 875mg and Amox-clav 500mg. Both generic and branded versions of the drug are equally safe for usage.

The Amox-clav dosage will be determined by your doctor. You can order discount Amox-clav and consume it as per the prescribed dosage. Although the amount of amoxicillin may remain the same across different forms, the same is not true for the amount of clavulanate potassium. Therefore, it is important to take just one form of the medication for the prescribed period. If you switch to another form of the medicine, it may not be as effective as it should or, even worse, it could harm you.

You must take Amox-clav for the entire duration prescribed by the doctor even though you may feel better before the treatment ends. The symptoms tend to get better soon, but the infection itself takes time to treat. Moreover, you cannot take Amox-clav for treating viral infections like the flu or common cold.