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Buy Pramipexole For Parkinson’s Disease

Pramipexole is a non-ergoline medication belonging to the class of dopamine agonists. It is used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, and sometimes for Restless Legs Syndrome in its initial stages. In some cases, it can be prescribed for the treatment of cluster headache, and also for counteracting sexual dysfunction problems in patients using SSRI antidepressants. Pramipexole depression medication can also be used for treating clinical depression in certain patients, and also for treating fibromyalgia.

How the drug works

For Parkinson’s disease, it restores dopamine balance in your brain, leading to improvement in your movements, and reduction in your unsteadiness, stiffness, shakiness and slowed movements. With the use of this drug, you can receive less number of attacks known as on-off syndrome. During these attacks, you are not able to move your body. For Restless Legs Syndrome, it works by relieving the unpleasant feelings in your legs during the nights, thereby improving sleep.

Pramipexole dosage

The Pramipexole dosage recommended to you depends on the medical condition to be treated, other medical conditions you are suffering from, other medicines you are taking at present, your age, body weight and your individual response to the treatment. The medication is available in the form of oral tablets and also as extended release tablets. You may take the tablets with or without food, but take it the same way every time.

Some patients may develop nausea during initial stages of Pramipexole treatment. In order to prevent this, your doctor may decide to start giving you a lower dose initially and then increase it gradually. The drug level needs to be kept constant in your blood. Therefore, try to take it the same time everyday. Before stopping the medication, do not miss to consult with your doctor. Your dosage may need to be reduced gradually instead of stopping taking it suddenly.

If you are using regular tablet form of the medication, you can break the tablets to facilitate swallowing. However, extended release tablets cannot be broken, dissolved chewed or crushed, as it may result in sudden release of the drug, which can worsen the condition.