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Different Types of Best Hair Growth Products

Billions of people suffer from hair loss issues across the globe. Unsurprisingly, hair growth products have become a multi-billion dollar industry these days, and there are no signs of slowing down. Hair growth products for men and women are available in different forms:

  • Shampoos and conditioners which you have use in shower
  • Topical solutions which are applied on the scalp one or two times per day
  • Supplements taken orally

If you choose the right black hair growth products, they can be highly effective in helping your hair grow back.

Shampoos: These are one of the easiest and cheapest ways of re-growing your hair. You just need to replace your current shampoo and follow the instructions of use. Best hair growth products for men contain DHT blockers. DHT is a male hormone that causes thinning of hair, eventually losing them. Shampoos work best when combined with conditioners.

Conditioners: Most hair growth conditioners contain minerals and vitamins essential for moisturizing the hair, leading to detangling and strengthening of the thinning hair. While shampoos help in promoting growth and preventing loss, conditioners protect weak hair that is left.

Topical solution: If you are looking for fast hair growth products, then topical solution can be an effective solution. You have to apply this solution on your hair and leave it. Many of these topical solutions contain minoxidil that is quite effective in promoting growth of hair and preventing hair loss in future. Topical solutions are available in the form of foam, cream or lotion.

Supplements: When combined with supplements, all these black hair growth products become highly effective in promoting hair growth significantly. Supplements are proven hair growth products that work to re-grow your hair from the inside. When taken two times a day, these supplements provide you enough nutrients needed to stop weakening and thinning of hair. The vitamins, herbs and minerals present in these fast hair growth products promote growth of hair for long term.

You can find different hair growth products for men and women under each category. But you have to choose the one that helps in re-growing your hair without any artificial gimmicks. Stay away from harmful chemicals, that can harm your hair rather than benefiting it.