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Order Generic Memantine Hcl For Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

Memantine Hydrochloride is the active ingredient of Memantine, and it belongs to the therapeutic category of NMDA receptor antagonists. Memantine uses include treatment of moderate or severe Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, such as loss of awareness and memory, and non-ability to perform daily activities. Remember that Memantine can only relieve symptoms of the disease, but it cannot cure it completely. As soon as you stop taking Memantine doses, your symptoms are likely to relapse.

Working of Memantine

You encounter Alzheimer’s disease symptoms due to malfunctioning of the signals passing messages to the brain from the nerve cells. Glutamate is a natural chemical produced in the body. Its excessive activity leads to symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and its progression. Glutamate activates NMDA receptors in the nerve cells of the brain, both together transmit nerve messages that are responsible for learning and memory.

Excessive stimulation in the NMDA receptors due to glutamate may lead to nerve cell damage. Memantine works by blocking these receptors, thereby blocking excessive functioning of glutamate, while still allowing normal activity of the receptors which is essential for memory. With this working of Memantine, the drug improves brain functioning in an Alzheimer’s disease patient.

Memantine doses

Initially, you will be prescribed to take Memantine doses of 5mg per day, and will be gradually increased to 20mg in a day. However, the dosage may vary, depending on your medical condition, age, body weight and response to the treatment. Available in oral tablet form, you can take the medication with or without meals with a full glass of water. If you are using its oral solution form, then measure your Memantine doses carefully with the measuring spoon. If you are receiving its injectable form, do not self-inject unless you are sure how to do that. As your progress will need to be monitored regularly, do not miss any appointments scheduled with your doctor.

As the drug cannot cure the disease but can only keep its symptoms under control, you will need to take it for a long time to come. As soon as you stop taking it, your symptoms may come back.