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Buy Ezetimibe Tablets Online

Ezetimibe belongs to the class of cholesterol absorption inhibitors, and can reduce cholesterol levels in the body. The drug is only a part of a complete treatment plan, which also includes other medicines, a low calorie diet, exercise regime and weight loss. The medicine works by reducing cholesterol amount absorbed by the body from the food that is consumed. Keeping cholesterol under control helps in preventing several other health related complications, including stroke and heart attack. Ezetimibe uses also include treatment of a rare inherited disease called homozygous sitosterolaemia or phytosterolaemia. This is a condition in which the patient’s plant sterol levels increase in the blood, which is a condition similar to raised cholesterol levels.

How the drug works

Ezetimibe works in three ways:

  • by preventing cholesterol absorption into blood from the small intestine
  • by preventing absorption of plant sterols into blood from the food
  • by preventing re-absorption of cholesterol into blood stream from the bile duct

When combined with a statin and a low cholesterol diet, it can be prescribed to patients with inherited high blood cholesterol or familial hypercholesterolaemia.

Ezetimibe dosage

Available in oral tablet form, Ezetimibe doses are taken one or two times in a day with or without food. The dosage prescribed to you depends on your medical condition, its severity, your age and weight, and your individual response to the drug. If you are taking a bile acid sequestrant too along with it, you will be recommended to keep them at least 2 hours apart. Results can be noticed after 2 weeks of starting the treatment, and you may need to take it for long term.

Ezetimibe precautions

You should not take this medicine if you have a liver or kidney disease, or a thyroid disorder. Also do not take it if you are using a steroid or hormonal medicine, including contraceptive pills. As the drug is only a part of a complete treatment plan, you should avoid taking high calorie foods during treatment, exercise regularly and lose weight. Also inform your doctor beforehand about all other drugs you are using at present, including herbal products and health supplements.