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Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to make using and searching SuperSavePharmacy as simple and efficient as possible and we'll keep refining the features and processes as we find better ways to help you get maximum benefit from the site.


Q.1Is it possible for me to buy medicines that are prescribed by a doctor in the United States?

Ans 1 Yes, you can buy medicines prescribed by a doctor certified from the US. Once your documentations are complete, we will ship the order.

Q.2Could you transfer a prescription from my local pharmacy?

Ans 2 No, we cannot accept prescriptions that are transferred from a pharmacy. We only accept prescriptions given by a licensed doctor. The prescription must be faxed to our number.

Q.3What information would you need from me for processing my order?

Ans 3 We require the following information to process your order. To do this quickly and efficiently, we advise you to fax these items to our number as soon as you can. If we do not receive these documents, your order would stand cancelled.
Medication order form
Valid prescription from a licensed doctor in English

Q.4Can I order any number and quantity of drugs from your website?

Ans 4 Unfortunately, you cannot order a large number of drugs from us. As per FDA rules and regulations, you may only order drugs for personal use, which is sufficient for 90 days of use.

Q.5What is your privacy policy?

Ans 5 Our privacy policy is designed as a result of our undying pledge to uphold the privacy and security of our customers. Our policy provides you with a high level of security for your personal, medical, and credit card information. This security level is provided by the latest technology and security systems that prevent credit card fraud. Even our online payment system has updated encryption technology.

Q.6Why are your drugs priced so low?

Ans 6 There are four reasons behind the low prices of our drugs. These are given below:
The Indian government has certain control over the cost of prescription drugs, which is why we are able to forward the drugs to you at discounted rates.
The government of India does not allow the advertising or marketing of prescription drugs. Thus, pharmaceutical companies do not need to invest money for this purpose. As a result, the cost at which these drugs are offered is also low.
Generic drugs are cheaper than their branded counterparts
The price gets lowered further thanks to the positive exchange rate of the American dollar as compared to other currencies

Q.7Do you sell controlled substances?

Ans 7 At AllDrugPharmacy, we always encourage a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this end, we follow a policy of not selling controlled substances, drugs that can cause addiction, and narcotic drugs. Some examples of drugs we do not deal include sleeping pills, Valium, etc.

Q.8How much do you charge for shipping?

Ans 8 We determine the shipping charges on the basis of the total value or the cost of drugs per order. Given below is the shipping charge that is added to the total cost of each order:
Order price up to $69- shipping charge $12.99
Order price from $70 to $109- shipping charge $9.99
Order price greater than $110- shipping charge $0
For each order, a tracking number will be provided. The responsibility of shipping the order would lie on AllDrugPharmacy.

Q.9Do you provide rush shipping?

Ans 9 Yes, we do provide rush shipping.

Q.10What is rush shipping?

Ans 10 Rush shipping or express shipping is a method of shipping for those customers who may be running out of compulsory medications or require certain medicines urgently for some valid and legitimate reason. Under this method of shipping, a customer would get the order within 5 to 11 working days.

Q.11What is the cost of rush shipping?

Ans 11 The cost of rush shipping would be an additional $12.99 along with the regular shipping charge

Q.12What countries are valid destinations for rush shipping?

Ans12 US, UK, and European countries can avail rush shipping.

Q.13Can all medications be rush shipped?

Ans 13 No, only a few drugs are available for rush shipping. In AllDrugPharmacy, only erectile dysfunction treatment medications and birth control or contraceptive products can be ordered under rush shipping.

Q.14How do you ship an order if the rush shipping option is selected?

Ans.14 We deliver all rush shipping orders from our delivery center based in Europe.

Q.15Do you ship drugs only in the United States?

Ans 15 Along with all the states in the US, we also deliver drugs to any other country in the world.

Q.16Where do you get prescription drugs from?

Ans 16 We get your prescription drugs from internationally respected and well-established pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Abbott, Astrazencea, Wyeth, Aventis, Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddy’s, Cipla, and Ranbaxy. These companies have established world-class manufacturing units in India, and their drugs are sold both within the country and internationally. We get drugs from these companies directly and indirectly, and they are packed in our own specialized shipping department. However, if the drugs are ordered from the UK, then we ship it from our hub in London. All the orders are shipped through EMS, UPS, or DHL for their fast and reliable shipping service.

Q.17What do I do to cancel my order?

Ans 17 If you want to cancel your order, you may either call us on our customer care number or send us an email. You can only cancel your order if it has not been shipped.

Q.18Can I cancel my order once I have been charged?

Ans 18 Once your credit card has been processed, you cannot cancel your order.

Q.19How would I know when the order has been shipped?

Ans 19 You can find out if your order has been shipped by logging in to your AllDrugPharmacy account, where we would update all the information about your order status and other details.

Q.20What should I do if I receive the wrong medications?

Ans 20 If you receive the wrong medication for some odd (and rare) reason, please inform us about it as soon as you can so that we can look into the matter and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Q.21How can I check my order status?

Ans 21 You can check the status of your order with us by simply logging into your AllDrugPharmacy account, where we constantly update information on your order.

Q.22How can I refill my order?

Ans 22 If you wish to refill an order you previously made with us, you may log in to your account and select the refill button for the order you want. Once you click on the button, you would reach the payments page.

Q.23Am I allowed to order more than one type of drug?

Ans 23 Yes, you may order more than one type of medication at one time. You may also combine prescription medications with OTC products in one order.

Q.24Are you a licensed pharmacy?

Ans 24 Yes, we are a licensed pharmacy. Our license number is ________________

Q.25When do you open for orders?

Ans 25 We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can place your order anytime. We also have a live online chat facility and customer support from Monday to Saturday, 8am EST to 8pm EST.

Q.26Can I talk to one of your pharmacists?

Ans 26 Yes, you may talk to our pharmacists online by simply clicking on the ‘Ask the pharmacist’ section on every drug page on our website. You may also contact our pharmacist through the ‘Contact Us’ section, where we have a special ‘To the pharmacist’ option.

Q.27Do you accept refunds or returns if the order is damaged on delivery?

Ans 27 We would reship the order free of cost if there is proof of damage on delivery.

Q.28Can I change my shipping address?

Ans 28 Yes, you can change your shipping address by mailing us or updating us through online chat.

Q.29How is my order shipped and packaged?

Ans 29 The drugs would not be tampered with by us before delivery. As proof of this, we pack the orders in the sealed strip or blister pack of the manufacturer. We ship orders through DHL, UPS, or EMS, so the package reaches you within 2 or 3 weeks.

Q.30Do you add sales tax?

Ans 30No, we do not add sales tax to our online orders.

Q.31How much time does it take to process an order?

Ans 31 After receiving the relevant documentation, we would begin processing your order. Once our order processing phase begins, you can expect your parcel within 14 or 21 days. We will email and provide you with the tracking number once we have shipped your order. With this number, you can track your order by logging in to your account or calling our customer care center.

Q.32What payments do you accept?

Ans 32 We accept payments made through eChecks, American Express, and VISA credit or debit cards.

Q.33Is it safe for me to provide my credit or debit card details?

Ans 33 Yes, it is safe for you to use your credit or debit card for making your purchase with us. We have adequate safeguards in place to prevent credit/debit card fraud and to keep your personal account information confidential. We are certified as a PCI DSS Level 3 compliant service.

Q.34Are payments made in US dollars?

Ans 34 Yes, all the payments you make would be in US dollars.

Q.35Do you accept US insurance plans?

Ans 35 No, we do not accept US insurance plans. However, we provide you with a valid receipt and invoice that can be used for filing a claim with your insurance provider. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of these receipts as it depends on the policy of each insurance company.